Gra­phic and web de­sign

J ─ or ─── di Gr ─ an

I am a gra­phic de­sig­ner.

I came to Gi­ro­na on 2001 and I live in Salt since 2013.


Web de­ve­lop­ment

┼ 34 651 400 750

Find my CV on Linked­in.

Books, ca­ta­logs and ma­ga­zi­nes


E­di­to­rial de­sign

I work for aeiou sin­ce 2016.

Crea­ti­vi­ty for fes­ti­vals

I love illus­tra­tion and I post dra­wings on Ins­ta­gram.



I have always seen web development as a good way to take graphic design further. The physical and digital environments are very different. For example, working with the flexibility of responsive design is a challenge for a graphic designer, because on paper we have more control over the arrangement of the elements. On the other hand, digital support offers new possibilities and it is very stimulating to investigate the limits of what can be done.

On this website I have played with the concept of generative design and I have developed a modular experience that changes each time we refresh the site. I have given some freedom to the code and adjusted the values according to my design. The network is very strict in some technical aspects and I also like to fight with it: I have optimized and reoptimized this page based on weight, speed and SEO audits. Right now it gets a 100 in the Google speed test.