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Forbidden Fruits - Throw Out Your Taboos!

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"got spoiled a lot too"

Why did Forbidde not throttle him. My suggestion would be the small country of Comoros Islands, which in my youth was taken over by 50 men with shotguns.

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But the last part, didn't see that coming. There are many tentacles but yes, at the taproot, you will find religion. so, if the manager in question was fired, and she is REALLY willing to work to support herself.

You think they put his art up on the fridge in the White House with a big gold sticker on it. Aaaahhhh, clever choice of words. This is easy and looks like I could eat a half dozen at a sitting!!!.

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Sometimes the things you think will be a hit don't end up being a hit and one's that you don't think will end up being a hit. Sometimes when I encounter a parent with a small child I'll exclaim, re the child, "Back where I'm from you've gotta have a permit to be that cute!" Parents love it.

There are many out there who say one thing and do another. actually it CAN be done, I have done some reading on this, and it would be best if it was run at the state level, with federal assistance.

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Forbidden Fruits - Throw Out Your Taboos!
Forbidden Fruits - Throw Out Your Taboos!

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Me too and poopy
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everything is daijoubu
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wrong adjective lel
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Got this today
Grolabar 6 months ago
Tolstoy said something nice about Islam once, maybe twice.
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Keep those fluffy puppies toasty 😘😘😘
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Morning Dittodog, how are you today.
Shaktikasa 5 months ago
I think theres a term describing that.
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The best things in life are free...
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But they have bad backs.
Forbidden Fruits - Throw Out Your Taboos!