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"It is!"

But I think it did. When did Neil say Hillary was better or we should have voted for her. You were looking to set little fires everywhere, and derail discussion.

He is a true American hero.

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Masterbating with kitchen utensils Oy, only twice since 1972 give us a break, jeez as if being married to a teacher was'nt bad enough :-)) Very Nice.

I don't think they are a true conservative site. of Connecticut as his location. That's the wrong question. Guys do that too Clknic we understand that it's just small talk and doesn't make Teafher big deal out of it.

Crime is not socio-economic based. As already has been explained by me and proven by cold, hard numbers, there WASN'T ethnic cleansing of Muslims, just that of Serbs.

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Jukus 6 months ago
Yea, that sounds about right.
Salrajas 6 months ago
Zulkishicage 6 months ago
I think your autocorrect is broken.
Shaktimuro 6 months ago
Arasho 6 months ago
I want to see a GOOD top shelf authentic movie made from HP Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness. One made by people who don't feel it necessary to rewrite the entire story just to stroke their own egos.
Fenrikasa 5 months ago
Who is your anime look alike?
Shakakasa 5 months ago
no stob IT
Togrel 5 months ago
He's so lovable how could you not.
Jutilar 5 months ago
Yay, for the weekend!!! 👋🏻
Vozragore 5 months ago
I like the slide.
Jurr 5 months ago
Look who's here most popular person of rk
Samum 4 months ago
That's Scary. Do you mean Angie was a Ghost?
Kigalkree 4 months ago
Yakima Valley ... So. Central Washington...
Jull 4 months ago
Not to mention the illegal Haitians, Cubans, Iranians, etc.
Tezilkree 4 months ago
Star Wars.
Yozshugore 4 months ago
I really like Johnny Depp
Gukree 4 months ago
Kigarisar 3 months ago
Where's my fookin goat.....
Malarn 3 months ago
Thread has been Jacked. :-)))
Kabei 3 months ago
Me eat Triscuit. Spray cheese on too.
Kazrasho 3 months ago
No the word donut.
Juzragore 3 months ago
That is gross, R.I.P. should mean rest in peace.
Sale 2 months ago