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"Democrats hate Americans"

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casting couch 2 - Scene 5

casting couch 2 - Scene 5

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Ohhh I forgot you!. In fact the pitfalls are probably far greater and also will incur high compliance costs plus many other consequences not yet forseen. It makes me physically ill every time 'it' speaks' and fouls the air. The rocking chair in the living room moved several times while no one was near it.

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Grozahn 3 months ago
Mollie Tibbetts murderer employed by Republican fundraiser family.
Mibei 3 months ago
Oh some culture peeks here
Mezigami 3 months ago
Oh no!
Voodoorisar 3 months ago
This is my look alike.
Taktilar 2 months ago
Right, no vote, just an appointment.
Meztilmaran 2 months ago
Dangling from a rope ladder hanging off Marine One.
Fenrirn 2 months ago
Smart, very smart.
Arashisida 2 months ago
Hei! :)
Vira 1 month ago
Me too!
Daijin 1 month ago
Well you are a wolf, aren’t you? 🐺
Kazilabar 1 month ago
Kagara 1 month ago
That actually sounds like a good idea.
Durg 1 month ago
Sitting on the internet poking fun at people trying to help.
Kajilkis 1 month ago
If they can drag her out of the bar.......
Salar 1 month ago
You rock.
Bashura 3 weeks ago
Me too!
Marr 3 weeks ago
Twice, please. Once for me...
Badal 2 weeks ago
So no faith is required!
Mikagul 2 weeks ago
Faele 5 days ago
Yes but they aren't.
Mezinos 7 hours ago