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Big breast mom

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"Ha. Haven’t heard that one before."

I see it all around. This is white-collar crime.

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TAD Oklahoma trip. The Dems don't even have control of the senate, much less a super-majority needed to even think about impeachment. They gave them healthcare and they skewered them for it. I'm sleeping over. First of all Kelly, I have done the job. Are you using gas or electric when you stir fry.

I'll have to look for my x-rated Thesaurus first, and some holy water for after.That sucks but it has happened to millions of people for decades. It is all verifiable. Jon comes behind you and sweeps your feet under you, runs away- I'm fine last night I pissed max off so bad he said he'd report me to disqus staff e.

My mom served me well done broiled venison when I was a kid.

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Big breast mom

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b-b-but i don't upvote others, only myself
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Then make that illegal. It’s employment discrimination.
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Tess Lyndon
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Awesome Dad!
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I'm hoping to! We'll see......🍻
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Big breast mom