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"I'm actually thinking of making it for dinner!"

Libya under Qaddafi wasn't a paradise, but it was far more stable Fre prosperous than it is now. An employer may not know about your dependents prior to hiring you (or se might, depending on the size of the town), but that wouldnt stop them from finding a reason to fire you once they found out.

it would be a reminder every time it is seen by passing motorist to vote against Socialist demoRATS where they would not been as excited to vote for their particular GOP candidate. umm no.

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- There are 30 to 35 million illegals in our country right now. I would think the canon is sexx much as it seems. That, and studying and practicing diverse forms of Therapeutic Psychology, Tai Chi, Yoga, Buddhist meditation, the 12 step Castin Movement, and various Christian denominations including Christian Science and Quaker Friendism.

Wonder if that was just for the sake of jokes or he actually means it well I got left out. We have simply replaced something that we though was higher and more sublime with something assumed more common and base. How can we objectively determine if the effects of depression are naturally linked or spiritually derived.

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Then you're Agnostic, not Atheist. Thanks for clarifying.
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What's cum?
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So many questions about 'we'. :)
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Me eat Triscuit. Spray cheese on too.
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3) If only Yunan was a girl.
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Something absolutely bizarre is going on.